Xena Warrior Princess 2013 HD

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Movie Information :
Title : Xena Warrior Princess 2013 HD
Date Released : 2009-2013
Star : Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi, Rene O'Cornor
Duration : 5 Jam
Publisher: IMDB
Format : .rar
Size : 2.7 GB
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Xena Warrior Princess 2013 HD Redeemed by Hercules, son of Zeus, Xena, once known as "Murderer," tries to fulfill her destiny as the "Warrior Princess" fighting for the greater good. On her Quest, she meets Gabrielle, a small town bard hungry for adventure. Together they take down some of the worlds most formidable opponents, even the gods! Written by Willie Nelson Crane Jr

Xena, a mighty warrior and healer, once led a band of outlaws that terrorized all of Greece. She has come to regret the harm she caused and, with her companion Gabrielle, now travels the countryside seeking adventure and fighting the forces of evil.

In ancient Greece, a time of mythical legends. Xena was a mighty female warrior, Xena once left her village and led a army of outlaws that terrorized the lands, and was a former enemy of the legendary hero Hercules. Xena began to regret what she had done and embarked on a quest for redemption. Joined by a young woman named Gabrille, Xena travels across the lands as she battles forces of evil, and would often do battle with her evil foes, the ruthless and charming Ares and Callisto, a warrior woman out to get her revenge on Xena for the death of her family and burning her village when she was a child. And Xena and Gabrille were on occasions joined by trusted friends wannabe warrior, Joxer and thief Autolycus. Seeking adventure and helping people, Xena's courage will change the world... Written by Daniel Williamson

Xena and her bard friend Gabrielle travel helping people in need and fighting for good. Over the past 5 years their friendship has grown into love, and we have the memories of a lot of very adoring characters to keep this legendary show alive in our hearts when it ends in 2001.

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